Accelerate Your Digital Future with Cloud

Cloud Solutions

From enterprises just starting off on their cloud migration journey to those looking to significantly improve the value they get from their current cloud investments, Embel Technologies is the ideal partner to help engineer the digital enterprise of tomorrow.

Cloud Migration Solutions

End-to-end cloud-based service offerings that span the entire software spectrum from assessment, migration, implementation, and integration. We accelerate cloud adoption through domain expertise and strategic partnerships with major cloud providers.

Cloud Migration Solutions
Cloud Native Transformation

The introduction of cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way companies develop software. New practices like DevOps have proved to increase productivity and deliver rapid and continuous innovation. Embel Technologies delivers cloud native architectures to help build.

Cloud-native Transformation
Cloud Managed Services

Ensure top performance and secure operations at optimized costs with our global delivery capabilities and end-to-end managed cloud services.

Cloud managed Services
Cloud Saas

Unlock opportunities to drive growth and innovation leveraging either leading third party applications or home-grown applications from Embel Technologies.

Cloud SaaS
Cloud Data & Analytics

Modernize data platforms by migrating to cloud and build cloud native EDW, data lakes, and analytical platforms to deliver actionable insights.

Cloud Data & Analytics
Cloud Security Services

Embel Technologies offers end-to-end cloud security assessments, security management for apps, data, APIs, and secure migration and operations services.

Cloud Security Services

Our Offerings

Our Offerings Integrating digital & innovative solutions for effective transformation

Cloud Migration & Modernization

Modern & seamless approach to shift to the cloud.

Cloud Native App Development

Containerize, operationalize & scale your apps.

DevOps Automation

Accelerate your deployment faster than ever.


Boosting your DevOps practice with Security.


Security for the Digital age.

Cloud Data & Analytics

Modernize data platforms by migrating to cloud and build cloud native EDW and analytical platforms to deliver actionable insights.

Our Development & Strategy

Imporved time to market

Improved time to market

Time to market helps you understand how long it takes to bring an idea from inception to full release. Improving TTM helps you gain revenue and deliver value faster.

Advanced Features

Advanced features

PaaS brings more value to cloud. It can reduce your management overhead and lower your costs. PaaS also makes it easier for you to innovate and scale your services on demand.

Reduced Costs

Reduced costs

Start with an assessment of your cloud provider's transfer fees. Then, adjust your cloud architecture to reduce the number of necessary data transfers.



Committing to cloud transformation may initially seem overwhelming, but potential pitfalls and challenges can be avoided with the proper preparation and planning.

High Availability

High Availability

Long periods of operation, which has positive effects on profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Data Durability

Data Durability

EMBEL Cloud Replication is a new service that allows customers to automatically store and sync data in different locations—across regions, across accounts, or in different buckets within the same account.