How to Design and Manufacture a Hardware Product

As the Internet of Things and wearables take off, hardware is seeing a resurgence similar to the software boom of ten years ago. Some software developers are even jumping into the hardware design game, as they are designing specifically for hardware products. Whether you’re new to hardware product design and manufacturing or a seasoned pro looking for the latest news, developments, and innovations, our top 50 resources will help you learn more about how to design and manufacture hardware products.

Embedded Hardware Services

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Next comes the fun part, more formally known as EVT. In this stage of the technology product lifecycle management process, the engineering team uses whatever means necessary to implement each of the features outlined in the PRD.



In the DVT stage, the goal is to work your way towards the final look and feel of the product. This is when you start selecting materials and mechanical designs that meet the final form, fit, and aesthetic requirements outlined in the PRD.



Now its time to relinquish control and engage in serious conversations with your suppliers and manufacturers. This is the PVT stage where you are confirming your DVT product can in fact be produced at the volumes and target costs listed in the PRD.

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Hardware Products

Computer hardware engineers research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks and routers.

component manufacturer circuit

Component Manufacturer

Your CM should have many different component manufacturers they work with, and you can often source parts at a better price and lead time than what you are aware of. If you need a specific component manufacturer, however, due to the electrical performance for any of your parts, it is a good practice to note that on your BOM so your CM will understand immediately.

obs components circuit

OBS components

It is helpful to alert your CM if you are purposely using parts that are not recommended for new designs (NRND), have gone end-of-life (EOL), or are obsolete (OBS). Usually, your CM will recommend substitutions for readily available parts, however, for your low-volume builds, this may not be acceptable.

inspect the bom for format circuit

Inspect the BOM for Format

CAD tools have a lot of options when it comes to generating a BOM report, and it isn't unusual to see certain classes of parts omitted, or reference designators left off, or the BOM sorting off the wrong data field. Always check to make sure that you are sending out a BOM that is formatted the way the CM needs it to be.

Key Features

Controllers & Processors

Controllers & Processors

Video SoC 8-bit / 16- bit/ 32- bit micro ARM Cortex A8/A9, M family TI DSP NXP I. MX family FPGA



Ethernet HDMI/ Video/ Audio I2C/SPI, RS232/RS485 USB, Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi Zigbee, Z-Wave, Sub-GHz, RFID, NFC

PCB Design Software

PCB Design Software

Altium Designer Eagle

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