Steps to Complete a Staffing Plan

Evaluate Goals

The first step in developing a staffing plan is to evaluate the needed goals to achieve. By recognizing the targets employees will be working toward, human resource professionals can identify the amount and type of support needed to meet those expectations.

Identify Influencers

In this step, HR professionals determine the factors that might affect the staffing plan. Influencers can be internal or external to the organization. They can be positive or negative and are defined as anything that might indirectly affect the plan but that the organization has little control over

Envision Needs

To complete this step, HR professionals should review the goals outlined in Step 1 and imagine what will be needed to accomplish those goals. It is best to envision needs as if building the department from scratch.

Develop a Solution Plan

Having conducted the analysis above, HR professionals can now put together a plan to achieve the stated goals for the upcoming year. The plan should include both end-state staffing and any interim staffing needed.

Benefits of Working with Us

Industry Experience Industry Experience

For more than 10 years, Embel has helped more than 11,000 companies in their digital transformation efforts and hiring needs to make smarter decisions, save costs, improve business performance, and evolve to a data-driven culture.

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We take the time to find Top Talent, so you don’t have to. With our global outreach and internal networks, Embel is uniquely capable of finding you the talent you need.We specialize in Engineering and Simulation, Data Analytics and AI, HPC and Cloud Computing, and IoT. We make the impossible, possible.

Onsite Management Program Onsite Management Program

We take pride in offering support and guidance throughout employees' careers by providing quality customer service, staying in touch and engaged, rewarding longevity, and immigration support.

Workforce offerings Workforce Offerings

From contract to direct hire engagements, we offer a wide variety of different workforce and payrolloptions to fit any of your staffing needs.

24/7 Support 24/7 Support

Our recruiting and sourcing team offers 24-hour dedicated recruiting support – whatever your needs, whatever your requirements, we’re here to help.

Training Training

With a vision to help customers drive decisions, we offer multiple levels of training solutions for Embel products in Simulation, HPC, IoT, and Data Analytics. Our training is geared to help evolve our talent, particularly in hard-to-find and complex positions.

Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion

We believe diversity brings new perspectives and we are committed to hiring candidates from all backgrounds, who will help us envision the future, together.

Benefits Offerings Benefits Offerings

We offer our employees a total rewards package that includes salary, time-off, insurance, and retirement.

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