quote-left If we are designing for real users, then humanizing
the experience should be our goal. quote-right

Approach to UX Design and Development

building empathy
Building Empathy

EMBEl Design’s approach to providing memorable user experiences is by building empathy towards product users and the business. Through qualitative and quantitative user research,Our team understands users’ goals and expectations, needs and behaviours, motivations and aspirations through,elicit business goals

data driven design
Data-driven Design

EMBEL Designs’ data-driven approach tailors your products’ design to users’ preferences, goals and behaviors, which make them far more engaging. Design is informed through various data sources - user’s psychographics, Concept designs,both interaction concepts and visual concepts are validated by testing

multi-domain expertise
Multi-domain Expertise

Our experience designing across a wide range of domains has helped us acquire knowledge of user interactions, behavior and tasks providing us with a wide-lens view of users’ lives. This multi-domain knowledge helps our designers understand any domain faster, and helps them build richer experiences for your users.

digital product experiences
Digital Product Experiences

Customer experiences are no longer limited to the screen, they expand in the physical world. We see experience as a continuum in user’s life and strive to design a seamless experience across devices and spaces. We also make sure that these interactions come to life by using our technological expertise.

design for impact
Design for Impact

We strive for one thing - IMPACT by design. Facilitating human experiences is our JOB. Our designs change the way businesses operate, creating visible value for end users and our clients. We believe that good UX must make business sense and boost your ROI on design.

secure web portals
Secure Web Portals

Embel has extensive expertise in building secure web portals with configurable security features, which sit on top of your existing systems, providing web-based access for your customers, suppliers and staff.

From Concept To Launch, Everything Meticulously Planned For You

At Embel, we conceptualize ideas backed with UX research and run Design Sprint sessions with our customers. Once the user flow and features are finalized, we move into development, testing, and release. Here is our complete HR Tech software development process in the picture.


UX Experties


Design includes all activities that aid in the transformation from requirement specification to implementation.


A responsive web design will automatically adjust for different screen sizes and viewports.


UX designer thinks about how the experience makes the user feel, and how easy it is for the user to accomplish their desired tasks.